Here we go

In this blog, I'm going to lay out the creative process that I've used over the years, and share the storytelling secrets that I learned from others (or figured out on my own, usually through awkward trial-and-error).

I'm also going to use this blog to take a closer look at the things I love, like:

  • Storytelling, duh, but also;
  • Performance, which is an extremely large umbrella, big enough to cover David Sedaris and Samantha Bee and Twyla Tharp and Louis CK and Sir Ken Robinson and a few other people who know a thing or two about how to connect with us. Speaking of us, I'm also going to blog about:
  • Human behavior - what goes on inside our heads, and what happens when we are out in the world, trying to make a go of things. Why are we all so weird? I don't know, but I would like to figure it out (or at least marvel at it).

This blog is going to be all about influences, and works-in-progress, and lessons learned. Some posts will be game-related, but not many. Mostly the focus will be on story and the creative process. My hope is that after spending some time here, you walk away with some new inspirations and ideas for your own work.

If this sounds good to you, then keep coming back: I'll be posting here every Tuesday. And if you want more, sign up for my newsletter (below). I'll be sharing more there, including content that I'll only be sharing with my subscribers.

This blog is inspired by this guy, and his book. Thank you, Austin. We haven't met yet, but you seem like a great guy.

xo - Susan 

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