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Predicting your incredible future

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I have been to many conferences. I have listened to many talks. I have slept through many talks. But this one; this one is, hands down, the best presentation I have ever seen in-person. It's Jesse Schell in 2013, talking about The Future Of Storytelling: How Medium Shapes Story.

Here's a sample.

"Chris Swain, from USC, has an incredible prophecy. He argues that film was not taken seriously as a medium until it learned to talk.

"When it was a silent medium, it was all 'It's kind of for kids, it's kind of silly, we don't take it that seriously, the stories aren't that great.'"

"But once it learned to talk, it became 'the literature of the 20th century,' that's the phrase that he uses.

"Well, what are games waiting for? They can already talk. They talk all the time. (Ed. Note: zzzz)

"He argues No, they're waiting on something else. They're waiting to learn to LISTEN.

"And once games learn to listen, and have a conversation with the player, they will become the literature of the 21st century."

Schell argues that with apps like Siri, we are already halfway there, and making more progress all the time. And that is just the tip of the storytelling iceberg. He goes on to say more smart and thought-provoking things about what is possible. I highly recommend checking out the entire talk in full. It will be 20 minutes well spent. You smart, Jesse.

SPEAKING OF the future of storytelling...the Future of Storytelling conference is coming up in New York City. I attended a few years ago, and I recommend it highly. Here's a short film from one of their past speakers, the wonderful Margaret Atwood:

"The way you can move content from here to there does influence what gets written and how it gets written. All kinds of things get tried when a medium is new. I think people tried a lot of things online that didn't work out and have gone extinct already. We've already seen the Burgess Shale die-off of Internet life forms. It's sifting down to, 'What's this good for?' and 'Who's going to prevail?'"

Criswell Predicts!

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