• We live in a crazy-busy, driven-to-distraction world.


    It’s never been easier to use your voice — and it’s never been harder to be heard.


    What if you could break through the noise and connect? Really connect?


    You can do it. I can help.


    For fifteen years, I've been a scriptwriter in the world of interactive entertainment,

    developing award-winning, bestselling titles.


    That work helped me to understand what makes people tick -

    - how to keep audiences entertained, for hours on end -

    - and what it takes to inspire users to overcome obstacles,

    swing into action, and kick some ass.


    Now I'm sharing everything I know about how to tell stories in the modern age.


    You CAN make a genuine emotional connection, even across the digital divide.

    When your audience feels seen, heard, and understood,

    your story resonates, and your reach expands.

    Your work makes a difference.


    Make work that matters.


  • Career Stats

    30 million

    Units sold


    Titles shipped

    $ 500 million

    In sales

  • Selected Projects


    Shakespeare at Hamlet's Castle

    "We want you to develop a script, retelling the moment Hamlet meets his father’s ghost. Our actors will be wearing motion-capture suits behind screens to create fantastical virtual puppets. This script must not use any words because it is for an international audience. And it will need to have an interactive component! Can you do it?" !! For this project, we found new ways to bring interactive storytelling techniques to the stage and reinterpreted Hamlet for a modern audience in a way that connects his dilemma with life in the 21st century. The play was performed at Hamlet’s castle in Elsinore, Denmark, summer 2016.

    Adjunct Professor

    The University of Texas at Austin

    Im teaching this course in the Moody College of Communication at UT Austin. It's ideal for students who know they want to tell stories for a living - they just haven't picked their medium yet. "Interactive storytelling is a form of dramatic writing, just like theater or television. What makes the medium unique is that the author does not control the story; the audience does. Creatives have only just begun to explore the storytelling possibilities of this field. In this class, you will start to develop the skills & knowledge necessary to write for interactive mediums such as video games, digital media, VR, and augmented reality." FUN

    Lead Writer


    The studio was ready to bring Star Wars to an adult audience, with a grittier, darker environment and storyline. This was a soup-to-nuts project: in collaboration with the design team, we developed new playable characters, along with the game's narrative design, storyline, and script. The story development process focused heavily on understanding players’ love for Star Wars and finding ways to deepen that connection in new and surprising ways. The final product received an enthusiastic stamp of approval from the executive team, and the team was deep into production. Then the game’s entire design was revamped, and the project storyline required a reboot. But this remains one of my favorite projects.

    Script Doctor

    Project X

    The project was deep into production, and the original writer's story was testing poorly with testers and users alike. The team was under intense pressure to make significant narrative changes within tight time and budget constraints. They brought me in to take a look at the script. Together with the narrative designer, we did a deep dive on the script and identified where changes to story structure, character motivation and dialog would solve the story’s problems. The project went on to receive multiple nominations for storytelling awards. Hooray!

  • Awards

    Tomb Raider

    Crystal Dynamics

    Nominee, Outstanding Achievement in Story, AIAS

    Nominee, Best Narrative, GDC

    Over 8 million copies sold worldwide

    Star Wars 1313


    31 award nominations,

    10 wins at E3

    Far Cry 2

    Ubisoft Montreal

    Nominee, Best Writing, GDC

    Nominee, Game of the Year, AIAS


    2K Games

    Winner, Game of the Year, AIAS

    Winner, Best Writing, GDC

    Over 4 million units sold

    Launched a franchise

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